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5, 6, and 10mm Navajo Style Pearls Necklace ~ Choose Length ~ Beautiful Strand!

Navajo Pearls Ranch

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Lovely Strand of 4, 5, and 10mm Navajo Style Pearls

~ Choose Your Length ~

A lovely strand of Western Pearls made by artists
for Navajo Pearls Ranch, each bead is plated in .925 sterling silver,
hand polished & antiqued, creating a perfect Navajo pearl

You won't find a better price for a Navajo pearl strand like this
anywhere in the world!

Navajo Pearl sizes 4, 5, and 10mm

Choose your length from the Necklace Length Menu,
You can go from a stunning smaller necklace to a longer traditional look, or choose an
extra long strand and wrap it around into multiple looks!

(*This necklace is the shorter one in the picture on the mannequin)

Necklaces sized 14"-24" comes with a 1.5" extension chain so you can play with the length a little

Free Shipping in the US :-)

The necklace comes in our signature blue gift box

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